Decals Specialist Custom Dry Rub Transfers

Decals Printing 2018-09-25

What are Dry Rub Transfers?

A custom dry rub transfer/rub-on transfer is a semi-permanent application that can be applied quickly and effortlessly to a number of substrates. It is created by printing a special ink backed with adhesive on a transfer paper that can be rubbed off without the use of water or other solvent. Transferring the image onto any smooth surface, including wood, metal, glass or plastic.

Why use dry rub transfers?

As many in the graphic design and model-making business know, prototypes and models can be enhanced and better represent the final product with the application of a custom rub-down transfer. These transfers give the product a finished look, making it seem as though it has been professionally manufactured.

Decals Specialist Custom Dry Rub Transfers

At Decals Specialist, we produce custom rub down transfers that are used for product prototypes, packaging design and comps. Custom color transfers can also be used as labels on jars, cans, bottles, tubes, and even to recreate speedometers and gauges for auto and aircraft restoration. Our custom rub downs are prefered by industrial designers because they are easy to apply, are fully customizable and look great, as they appear to be printed directly onto the surface without visible adhesive residue.

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