Inkjet Or Laser Printable DIY Temporary Tattoo Sheets

Decals Printing 2020-11-05

JTN-TP01 Inkjet Printable Temporary Tattoo Water Slide Decal Paper Sheets 

JTN-TP02 Lser Printable Temporary Tattoo Water Slide Decal Paper Sheets

Product Description


*Suitable for all inkjet printers or laser printers,  No special ink is required, and dye and pigment ink can be used for printing output.

*Applicable to desktop inkjet printer, 5760dpi high-definition print quality does not pick ink, imported medical grade breathable tattoo skin glue, can create personalized tattoo, temporary tattoo within 3-7 days


Inkjet or Lser water slide tattoo decal paper



MOQ for A3(420*297mm) is 3000 sets.

Feature:Does not harm the skin
Samples lead time:3-6 days
Production time:6 days or negotiation
In the package:10 sets(10 sheets of white backing paper +10 Clear backing skin gel sheets)


1. This product uses various brands of inkjet printers.

2. After printing the color pattern, wait for the ink to dry before operating (naturally dry for 5 to 10min, heat blow dry for 1min).

3. Please wipe the oily skin with water before using it before transferring.

4, The  scotch tape can remove the pattern on the skin.

5. Be careful not to scrape vigorously when bathing and cleaning, you can save temporary tattoos for 3 to 7 days

6. If it is abnormal on the skin, please don't use it again.


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