370 F Organic Decals

We print Sports Licensed Logo organic decals according to arts provided by customers, they are printed by CMYK offset pirnting process or  by spot color screen process as per PMS number provided by customers.


370 F organic decals are very popular in USA market, they are widely applied to NFL/NHL/MLB/NCAA/NBA and other licensed sports products, such as drinkingware, galssware, ceramics, tumbles, mugs, cups etc.


370 F organic decals are Lead-free decals, contact with us for further negotiation.


  1. Protective Sheet

  2. Pink / Clear Removable Film

  3. Ink(adhesive layer, images and clear coating)

  4. Release Paper

Necessary Supplies 

  1. Rubber Squeegee.

  2. Warm water (75°F - 95°F).

  3. Clean wet cloth.

  4. Clean dry cloth.

Application Process 

  1. Remove protective sheet from transfer.

  2. Soak the transfer in warm water for 20 to 30 seconds.

  3. Holding the release paper with one hand and the removable film with the other, slide the transfer off of the paper.

  4. Using the removable film apply the transfer to the object.

  5. Use the rubber squeegee to press out the water and air bubbles.

  6. Clean any remaining glue from the surface of the transfer and the object with the wet cloth.

  7. Use the dry cloth to absorb the moisture thoroughly.

  8. Dry in a 130°F - 180°F oven for about 30 minutes or let them dry naturally. The object must be completely dry.

  9. When object has cooled, remove the pink film. 

  10. To fully cure for ideal scratch and solvent resistance, bake the part at 370°F(250-300°F for CMYK decals) for 20-30 minutes

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